Introducing Caims,

an all in one comprehensive school management system

A picture showing the login page of caims on a laptop.


Our system has a lot of features but these are our favourite

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Student Fees Management
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Student Data Management
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Intelligent Search Engine
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Accounts Management
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Print Optimized Receipts
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Secured User Authentication


There are quite a number of reasons why you'll love it

1 Accurate record keeping

Our system allows you to easily keep track of your school fees, expenses, incomes & students data

2 Better decision making

It gives you access to detailed reports and analytics making it a bit easier for you to make important decisions

3 Better time management

Our systems can process information faster leaving you with spare time to do other important things

4 Accounts Audit

Our systems can help you audit abnormal user activity by displaying who would have recorded the transaction

Try CAIMS today

Seeing is believing. Try our system today and see these feautures and more for yourself.

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We want to make our system as efficient and cost effective as possible and that is why we chose the following pricing model.

$800 USD Setup

This is the initial price you pay for the very first time. It covers the following:

1 Installation & Setup

2 System Training & Support

3 Domain & Hosting

4 Maintenance & System Upgrades

$200 USD Maintenance

This is the amount of money you will be required to pay from the second year onwards for the following reasons

1 Maintenance & System Upgrades

2 Domain & Hosting

Contact Us

Interested in trying out our School Management System? Send us an email on [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Include the following details in the email: your name, your position, name of your school & your contact details.